Jason Thielke Illustrations

24 Dec

love these breathtakingly beautiful illustrations – almost architectural..

PS: Happy Holidays!



Great Scott!

20 Dec

love these portraits by Rich Pellegrino – Gouache on hardboard.

Amazing digital art by Jonathan Foerster

16 Dec

this stuff is brilliant –  insane – mind blowing! go check out more of his stuff here. do it now!

Works by Stella Im Hultberg

7 Dec

sort of reminiscent of Audrey Kawasaki’s work … just lovely… lovely i tell you!


A Mathematical Definition of Modern Art

6 Dec



Modern Grafitti by CT

6 Dec

modern typography meets the urban landscape – sick!


Sound Wave by Jean Shin

1 Dec

how freaking cool is this?!!! awesome!

Sound Wave, a sculpture created by Korean artist Jean Shin out of 78 rpm melted vinyl records.

Records were melted and sculpted to form a cascading wave, dotted with bursts of colorful labels. The resulting structure speaks to the inevitable waves of technology that render each successive generation of recordable media obsolete. The piece also aims to physically manifest the ephemerality of music as well as one man’s musical tastes, as represented by his personal record collection.