go with what you know

14 Jan

i’m constantly impressed when people create good art in ways that i either think is the long way or just wrong all together. but the truth is, the way you make your art is just as important as the art itself because it is part of who you are.

now maybe that goes without saying, but as i was watching some videos of Dutch graffiti artist Broke aka Michiel Fook create his little canvases i was excited by his take on “painting”. its’ almost as if he was doing them in reverse. i mean, in most cases he would start with a sketch (nothing new) but then he goes right to the black line work. only then does he apply color and he does it with spray paint!

so as i was watching these videos, i found myself saying (to myself) – self, why would you do that? i watched as he taped off the line work and applied the paint in a single push of the nozzle and thought – why aren’t you using paint or even marker… seems like so much extra work. then i realized, he’s just doing what he does on the wall on a canvas! which makes perfect sense if you’re a graffiti artist… of course you’re going to do it that way – no shit!

go with what you know – that’s exactly what he’s doing and he’s doing a great job of it, too!


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