saturday morning cartoons

17 Oct

i love cartoons.

when i was young, i loved to get up at the butt crack of dawn on saturday mornings to watch cartoons and eat possibly the biggest bowl of cereal in history. during the week you had to pry my ass outta bed to go to school each morning, but come saturday i was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am. i remember watching the color bars eagerly anticipating the morning’s entertainment – this was of course before the 24 hour tv cycle we live in now.

but even back then, i loved the sexiness that was crafted to corrupt my corruptible mind and would tune in to shows specifically for that reason – whether consciously or not! today those sexy lines and curvy hips still get me excited. i just can’t help it, those flat 2-dimensional beauties are still the sub-conscious of my dream girl syndrome.

i know i’m not alone in this thinking either – there are ton of examples out in modern world of people who are illustrating just that. i just happened upon this fine illustration from Brazilian artist Rubens Scarelli this morning and thought i’d share.

Sexy Teacher by Rubens Scarelli

Sexy Teacher by Rubens Scarelli



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